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Msys Connect offers end-to-end solutions for data and telecommunication connectivity requirements. Our technologies support an broad range of network applications that help service providers meet our customers unrelenting demand for bandwidth.

For FTTx roll-outs from the central office through the outside plant to businesses and residences of any size or construction, Msys deliver state-of-the-art connectivity solutions: easy-to-install, future-ready, with reduced installation and operating costs.

Our fiber and cable management solutions are designed to minimize the total cost of ownership for service providers building reliable and robust FTTx networks.

Msys Connect delivers products and services to make network builds and service delivery smarter, reliable, efficient and resilient with our solutions are installer-friendly, designed for greatest flexibility with Independent of network topology and complied to government regulations.

We connect and protect the flow of data from the centraloffice to the home and combine connectivity and optical technologies to provide best in class solutions. We offer the full rangeof products to meet your requirements: field and factory installed,fusion and mechanical splice, standard and hardened connectors, etc.

Our solutions are installer-friendly, designed for greatest flexibility,independent of network topology and compatible with government regulations.

By heavily investing in innovation and developing products in cooperation with our customers, we can respond to service providers’ future needs with high quality solutions.

When rolling out an FTTx-network, one of the major issues is the cost of the project. With smart investments, the total cost of ownership can be reduced and the project made more profitable in the long-term.

Smart investments look beyond capital expenditure and take into account the parameters that influence operational expenditure. The more quickly provisioning operations, changes, reparations and maintenance can be carried out, the lower the total cost of ownership and the more profitable the network will be.

Our high-quality solutions are designed to meet these requirements. They provide:

Fast installation and provisioning

Easy maintenance and troubleshooting

Long-term reliability that ultimately lead to better services to the customerand higher profitability to service providers.

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